Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament

August 21-24, 2019 | 16th Anniversary

The VBBT is part of the Virginia Beach Billfish Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to the community through youth and marine related charities.

79 Teams | $612,250 Cash Awards

Day 1: 1 boat fished, 78 boats stayed at the dock
Day 2: 78 boats fished, 1 boat stayed at the dock
Day 3: 79 boats fished

 1Top HookerWill Atkinson210
 2Sea TraderShey Mahoney140 (on time)
 3Sea StrikerPete Zook140 (on time)
 5Katherine AnneBacklash Davis140 (on time)
 6MicabeNewt Cagle140 (on time)
 4Don't PanicCarl Beale140 (on time)
 7Desperado (NC)Rob Barker140 (on time)
 8Waste KnotBarry Sawyer140 (on time)
 9Full PullRyan Riggs140 (on time)
 10CartericanLee Smith140 (on time)
 1no fish
 2-1stTop HookerWill Atkinson210 (on time)
 2-2ndSea TraderShey Mahoney140 (on time)
TOP DOLPHINKatherine AnneHunter Winchester41.4 lbs.
TOP TUNADella AnnJon Morris52.6 lbs.
TOP WAHOOno fish

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Tournament Blog


By |August 23, 2019|

It wasn’t quite James Bond-like mayhem, but pretty darn close. Just as the fleet was returning from offshore Friday, the skies opened up, punctuated by thunderous clouds and bolts of jagged lightning, making for a wet affair at the scoring [...]

The Playbook

By |August 22, 2019|

Outlaw was the only team willing to test the bumpy conditions offshore on Thursday and unfortunately came away empty-handed for its efforts. The rest of the fleet was busy making final preparations for the expected hectic two days ahead. The [...]

Delayed Reaction

By |August 21, 2019|

And they’re… in a holding pattern. The 16th Annual VBBT kicked off with a flair Wednesday evening as the 79 teams, families and volunteers all converged at the big tent overlooking Rudee Inlet and shared hugs and handshakes. But [...]

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Stop Abuse
Achievable Dream
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