2024 VBBT Lay Day Declaration

Fill in the online form below to submit your lay day – we prefer you submit your lay day online. You’ll receive an emailed confirmation and PDF copy of the form. There is a green lay day form in the team envelope you were given at Registration as a backup.


Lay Day forms must be signed by a registered member of the team and turned in by 8:30am of the day being declared as a lay day, otherwise the boat is recorded as fishing that day. Lay Day forms may also be turned in at Station #1 during Registration or at the Weigh Station the evening before your lay day.

Should an issue arise regarding the submission of a Lay Day form, only verbal contact with Paula (757-652-8409) or Deirdre (757-287-4932) prior to 8:30am of the day at issue shall constitute notice, and resolution shall be at the sole discretion of these Tournament Officials. Voicemail, email and text messages do not apply—you must speak directly with either Paula or Deirdre.

VBBT Lay Day Form

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Be sure to double-check your entry before you hit Submit. Once the data has been submitted it cannot be changed. You'll receive an emailed confirmation with your submitted data and the date and time of submission. If you do need to change something, text Julia at 910-264-3947.
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