2020 Tournament Format & Entry

Updated November 22, 2019

The Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament is an invitation only tournament limited to 80 teams. Invitees have a limited amount of time to RSVP with their deposit; the balance of the entry fee must be paid by August 1st. Teams may request to be added to the waiting list. The waiting list does not carry forward to the following year so if you did not receive an invitation but still wish to be considered, you’ll need to add your name to the waiting list when it reopens each year on September 1st.

Teams must check in during Registration to verify team information, pick up event tickets, tournament forms and team merchandise and attend the Captain’s Meeting. Registration takes place on Wednesday, August 19 between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. Teams running late due to weather or mechanical problems may register up to 8:30am on Thursday, August 20, but must make arrangements with the tournament director beforehand. Teams registering late are still expected to abide by any rules changes that may be announced at the Captain’s Meeting.

Each team receives eight event tickets and a team bucket or bag with sponsor gifts and eight tournament t-shirts. Merchandise and event tickets for additional team members may be purchased at the event.

The entry fee is $10,500, which is broken down into seven cash award categories. A $2,500 deposit is required with your invitation RSVP; the $8,000 balance due must be paid by August 1st. Entry fees may be paid by cash, check or credit card. There is a 3.5% convenience fee on credit cards. Make checks payable to the “Virginia Beach Billfish Foundation” or “VBBF”. Mail checks to VBBT, PO Box 568, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

CATEGORY 1 Top Boats | $4,000
Awarded to the five teams accumulating the most overall billfish points—first through third place receive cash awards, fourth and fifth place are awarded trophies. The tournament retains 37.5% of this category for expenses, the amount allocated to cash awards is split 50-30-20.

CATEGORY 2 Billfish Jackpot | $1,000
Awarded to the three teams accumulating the most overall billfish points; split is 50-30-20.

CATEGORY 3 High Rollers Jackpot | $1,500
Awarded to the three teams accumulating the most overall billfish points; split is 50-30-20.

CATEGORY 4 Billfish Daily Jackpot | $1,500
The cash in this level is split evenly between each day of competition and is awarded to the top two teams that accumulate the most overall billfish points for the day. Cash allocation between the two winners is 70-30. At least 10% of the fleet must fish in order for the Daily to be paid.

CATEGORY 5 Gamefish Division | $500
The cash in this level is split evenly between the three eligible gamefish species (dolphin, tuna, wahoo) and awarded to the teams weighing the single heaviest fish in each species category. If there are no winners in an entire species category, the cash award for that species rolls evenly into the remaining species categories.

CATEGORY 6 Blue Marlin Jackpot | $1,000
Awarded to the team weighing the single heaviest blue marlin. If no qualifying fish are weighed, the award goes to the team that accumulates the most billfish release points.

CATEGORY 7 Charity Mystery Fish | $1,000
The cash in this level is split four ways with 25% going to the VBBF charities and 25% going to each of the daily winners based on a drawing. A “chip” is added to the bucket for each billfish the team caught that day. For example, if your team caught four billfish, you get four “chips” in the bucket. Drawings for all three days are done at the Awards Presentation.

Trophies, plaques, and/or merchandise are awarded in the following categories:

Top Overall Angler — Angler who accumulates the most total billfish points.

Top Release Angler — Angler who accumulates the most billfish release points.

Top Lady Angler — Lady Angler who accumulates the most total billfish points.

Top Crew — Captain and crew who accumulate the most total billfish points.

Top Junior Billfish Angler — Junior Angler (15 years or younger) who accumulates the most billfish points.

Top Junior Gamefish Angler — Junior Angler (15 years or younger) who catches the largest single dolphin, tuna or wahoo.

Wayne McLeskey Top Boat Perpetual Trophy — Trophy bears the names of the top boats from 2012 onward and is held in a place of honor throughout the year.

Disbursement Order—Before winnings are paid each team receiving a cash award must complete a Disbursement Order specifying how the funds are to be distributed. We suggest you decide how prize money is to be distributed before the tournament. Disbursement Orders are handed to the team at the Awards Celebration or emailed to the Team Contact. The Disbursement Order must be signed by the Team Contact as recorded on the Entry Form.

Cash Disbursement and Tax Documents—Cash awards are paid by check and mailed within two weeks after receiving the completed Disbursement Order and W-9(s). A 1099-MISC is issued to the person or company to whom the check is made payable.

Please carefully read the following and choose your Team Contact accordingly.

The Team Contact is the designated team leader; there can be only one per team and you must provide the Contact’s mailing address, mobile phone number and email address. The Team Contact must know how to reach each member of the team. Any instructions, confirmations or requests for information are sent to the Contact and they are responsible for passing it on to the rest of the team. In addition, the Team Contact is the person who signs the Disbursement Order designating how cash awards are distributed.

There is no limit to the number of anglers per team, and it does not matter on which day the angler fishes, but anglers must be registered with the tournament before fishing for the day starts. Captains and mates are also considered anglers. At a minimum, you must provide a First Name, Last Name, City and State for all team participants. After registration, angler changes must be made using the online form at www.vbbt.com/anglers. Anglers may not change teams during the tournament.