2023 VBBT Billfish Scorecard

Fill in the form below to submit your Scorecard. You’ll receive an emailed confirmation and PDF copy of the form.

Scorecards may also be turned in at the Weigh Station. IF YOU HAVE A BLUE MARLIN RELEASE TO VERIFY YOU MUST TAKE YOUR SCORECARD TO THE WEIGH STATION. There are 2 scorecards in the team envelope you were given at Registration.

The deadline to submit scorecards is 8:00pm Thursday and Friday; 7:00pm on Saturday. Scorecards are accepted after 8:00pm on the first two days of fishing only if the team is fighting a fish or their boat becomes disabled, however, the Tournament Director must be made aware of the situation.

Should an issue arise regarding the submission of a Billfish Scorecard, only verbal contact with Paula (757-652-8409) or Deirdre (757-287-4932) prior to the close of scoring of the day at issue shall constitute notice, and resolution shall be at the sole discretion of these Tournament Officials. Voicemail, email and text messages do not apply—you must speak directly with either Paula or Deirdre.

VBBT Billfish Scorecard